The Proud Future

The Grand Mission of Proud Foundation.

To improve education, health, sanitation, and the general condition of humanity worldwide. The Foundation’s primary objective is improving education, the underlying cause of most societal breakdowns worldwide.  We seek to sponsor educational reforms submitted by classroom teachers.


Throughout history nearly every improvement to the condition of humankind worldwide came though human ideas, and that these ideas are best fostered by virtue of education, training, and action. Proud Foundation’s initial thrust is to offer $10,000 grants to classroom teachers for projects for improving education. We encourage teachers to submit their ideas to improve learning for consideration. No idea for the betterment of education is too small, each and every idea sent to us is greatly appreciated. Projects will be selected by Proud Foundation from those submitted (the final dollar amount for each grant may vary by the project).



The Proud Foundation was started by Jeffrey D. Proud. He recognized that classroom teachers had a great capacity for educational improvements that are normally overlooked for school reforms. He initially sponsored some grants with his own capital resources in the pursuit of educational gains. He created and founded a Charter School, Cygnus Academy, located in Anoka, Minnesota; it was one of his first major educational business projects. The goal of the new school was to use educational augmentations identified in his book, “Megasmart,” to improve learning in our classrooms. Charter schools are designed to be run by their staff of teachers to implement improvements, or other changes, and to keep (& build upon), those that really help kids learn better. Jeffrey’s successful business experience taught him that expanding the base for creating ideas was just as important as creating and maintaining the mechanics of any good school (or business). Therefore, in order to enhance the probability of the success of the Proud Foundation a large base of members was needed. From this large group of ‘like-minded’ people, ideas may be cultivated to improve humankind from more than just the educational aspects…sort of a “leadership farm.”


Because of Jeffrey’s background and experience in successful business ventures, he recognizes that creating an effective, buoyant, “leadership-farm,” will most likely result in a fountain of powerful ideas. He wants to create a path, through the Proud Foundation, that encourages beneficial ideas, improving the general condition of human beings throughout the world, to be fostered and abetted. So, the result of the Proud Foundation can also be an effective genesis mechanism from which a wealth of creative ideas can spring for the overall benefit of humankind.