We need education, creativity, innovation, but most of all, we need jobs.

To create jobs, America needs to take a fresh look at how government interacts with the workforce. We need to create a “Mega-Project” that makes jobs, and is a source of innovation, akin to how the space industry worked after it was created by JFK and NASA when we went to the moon.

We have plenty of work to do to refurbish our worn-out infrastructure; but, these don’t have to be wasteful or ‘make-work’ jobs. There are plenty of new, high-tech improvements we can make to our infrastructure that will save us lots of money in the long run and generate good ROIs.

An example of how high technology could be used to our benefit follows: we have millions of miles of roadways in the USA that need repair and maintenance. Roads and highways have lots of surface area and as such are perfect places to plant solar cells to collect energy. Not only is solar energy available, but we also have access to the energy expended by the vehicles using these thoroughfares, and other ambient sources of energy, like wind energy. In addition, if we install mag-lev technology into the roads, we can reduce the surface to vehicle contact and thereby save much of the expenses of road repairs and maintenance. There are secondary advantages of using GPS, and other technology, to control traffic flow and speeds, and we can gage traffic to increase safety. Vehicles can be controlled to prevent crashes and maintain optimum speeds, direction, and distance to minimize travel time and maximize auto-piloting functions.

The “mega-project” I propose is to launch solar collectors into space, gather solar energy and pass it to earth (see the page on Energy & Environment).

The USA needs to get to work repairing its old, depreciated infrastructure. People complain about these kind of public jobs as though they won’t create wealth and will just cause us to go deeper into debt and waste more tax money, equivalent to flushing it down the drain. This is not true, almost all of our infrastructure repair has a positive ROI; therefore, this work will increase the wealth of the whole nation and actually save us money in the longer term.

We need jobs for everybody, citizens have value, if we invest in them it’ll return ten to one. Give people jobs repairing our worn out infrastructure, replace old stuff with more efficient newer stuff, save money and get a decent ROI.  This will increase the value of the individual, and the country. If people can’t work, figure out some training program, schooling or apprenticeship that can improve them and their value. Get them back as productive citizens.