This section should be more properly called logistics & distribution…they are the subjects typically addressed by the topic of transportation.

This is an area of great Eidetic Thought. Transportation is very, very basic, right? It is at the bottom of the multi-layered schema of  the process of production. Things need to be transported from somewhere, somehow. Then things get built…if they are subcontracted, or made in different locations, more transportation is needed to get them together for assembly. If there are multiple sub-assemblies, then even more transportation is needed to get to a place of final assembly. Then, when the products are all done…they need to get shipped to distributors, hence more transportation. When the products are sold, they need to be shipped and delivered to the customers…requiring still more transportation. Oh, guess what, the people working on these products need to get to work…they need transportation…and there are managers running the company, they need to get there too…by now you’re tired of hearing the word “transportation,” eh?

BUT, what if the product is made right at your house? Then what happens to transportation?

Now we’re dealing with Eidetic Thinking at its absolute best…the near elimination of transportation, an entire segment of industry…and most of the support elements that enable it…like roads, gas, rails, ships, airplanes, and on and on. This is called 3D printing…this is where a machine can make a product for you, right where you are, right in front of you. There’s still some elements of inventory and delivery, plus you need the 3D Printer itself…but even that can be made by other 3D Printers. We are on the verge of a tremendous revolution in the state of manufacturing and delivery of products.