Human beings can live approximately five days without food, but only live about three days without water. 
97.3% of the world’s water is salt water; only 2.7% of the world’s water is potable,  (Diamandus, Kotler; “Abundance,” 2012).

Many sources report, that most likely the next world war will be fought because of water; that means the war will be fought over who has access to clean water. Over a billion women each spend up to four hours per day finding and transporting water (this represents a worldwide loss of productivity of at least 4 billion work-hours per day). In addition, about a billion people lack access to safe drinking water at all, and about 2.6 billion people don’t even have the most basic level of sanitation. Roughly 4% of all the world’s diseases are caused by contaminated water or are caused from poor sanitation because of a lack of clean water.

There are solutions for this problem. One is a product called Lifesaver, invented by Michael Pritchard. It is a great hand-pump device for filtering bad water into clean, potable, water.  There are several other new micro-filter products on the market that are excellent at cleaning bad water, even down to the level of catching viruses.

Beyond education, Proud Foundation is dedicated to using its resources to help reduce world-class problems facing human populations. One of the world’s major troubles is access to clean water (see above). Solutions to this problem exist, one remaining obstacle is getting devices solving the water shortage dilemma into the hands of the people that need them. Lots of organizations are trying to help alleviate this water problem; the fact that the problem continues and is growing, is an acknowledgement of the magnitude of the problem. It takes more, a lot more, helping hands to solve this problem…but we have the means and the will to do so if enough people pitch-in. Proud Foundation intends to be one of the organizations helping to solve this problem forever.