Eidetic Thinking

Eidetic Thinking is best thought of as Eidetic Memory. Everybody has an Eidetic Mind, but not everybody can fully access all of it. In this usage, Eidetic means “to recall in fine detail,” or “photographic,” equivalent to an “picture-image” in memory. There’s an argument whether or not people actually have Eidetic ability, or just a better memory. Eidos is the Greek root…meaning the total knowledge of a culture or a society. Since the human brain works in images, eidos refers to the collected images (knowledge), of any major grouping of people. Think of it as a library. A library is a collection of knowledge of a college, city, etc., and in the case of Alexander the Great, and his Alexandria Library, an entire country or empire (at that time – the collection of all the knowledge known to exist in the world).

When used correctly, Eidetic Thinking is tremendously powerful. Properly applied, Eidetic Thinking is a great source of wealth and will gain you success in business, relationships, marriage, and family. The big idea here is to control of your Eidetic Mind, to improve your position in life, and to gain what you will to achieve. If you always keep the ‘big’ picture in mind, a lot of smaller things, and their related problems, all seem to be answered simply.

There are five pillars to the development and use of your Eidetic Mind and Eidetic Thinking:

(1) Understanding Consciousness
(2) Thinking Exponentially
(3) Belief in Eidos
(4) Action in Eidetics
(5) Family & Purpose

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